Are you ready for ONE tip—one simple exercise—that can radically change your life? Are you ready to shift your focus to shift your reality? In this episode of My Extra Mile, Allan and Lari Hilzinger share the vision exercise that has been a game-changer in their life. What is it? Listen to find out!

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  • This ONE tip will radically change people’s lives.
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You NEED to be future-focused


Before Lari embraced this life-changing exercise, she always found herself dealing with financial concerns and relationship issues. She spent all of her time trying to get out of the current situation—not focusing on her future. She didn’t have the time to define ultimate goals and was spiraling out of control. She was stuck in what she didn’t want, which is a dangerous place to be in.


Allan and Lari point out that when we look at the average person, their reality creates their life. Some people are crap magnets where everything goes wrong. Why is that? Because they’ve accepted their reality and do not strive for change. So of course, nothing changes. They continue to attract struggle.


Once they realized they could change their vision to what they wanted to create things began to change.

A vision exercise: “I choose the end result of”


The exercise Lari & Allan embrace is simple but profound. You create a list of positive choices and your heart’s desires: It starts with “I choose the end result of” and YOU fill in the blanks. Allan shares some of his:

  • I choose the end result of building my highly successful and profitable business empire.
  • I choose the end result of mastering wealth creation to fund our dream life.
  • I choose the end result of impacting millions of people through my gift of writing and speaking.
  • I choose the end result of a fun, adventurous, and connected relationship with Lari
  • I chose the end result of an open, loving, and involved relationship with my daughters.


Lari shares some of hers:

  • I choose the end result of living my true nature and purpose
  • I choose the end result of being healthy
  • I choose the end result of a fun-loving adventurous life with Allan
  • I choose the end result of facilitating impactful change and growth in others
  • I choose the end result of synergistic relationships rich in growth, fun in love


You take your vision statements and envision what each item looks like every single day. You visualize what the end result looks like. No limitations. No conditions. Imagine it as crazy, amazing, and as beautiful as you can imagine it.

How to bridge the gap between current reality and the future


They admit that it’s not easy to do right away but the exercise becomes easier as you begin to believe it. To help bridge the gap and find actionable steps you can take towards the future you’re claiming they recommend doing this:


  • Write down what comes up in your vision.
  • Look at your current reality.
  • Step back into the vision and look over your bridge to the current reality.
  • Think about how you can create a bridge to your future and your desires.
  • Ask your mind: What steps did I take to get to future success?


In Allan’s example, he envisioned the end result of building a highly successful and profitable business empire. In his vision, he sees himself doing business deals, making tens of millions of dollars, and using money to make more money.


In his current reality, he’s made six figures but the last year has been a rough go. So he looks over the bridge and decides on an action step:


I need to talk to more people about the opportunity of network marketing.

Don’t get caught up in the how


They both emphasize that you can’t get caught up in the how. Instead, get caught up in the vision. It doesn’t have to happen a certain way. If you succeed, focus on the success and not the negatives along the journey—because it’s all about the end result. However, that happens, it happens. It often won’t happen the way you think it will so you must be open to how it will unfold.


They use the example of a rubber band: one end is your current reality and the other end is your vision (your end result). As you stretch the rubber band—holding your vision and focusing on the end result—it’s structurally impossible for you not to get there because you’re creating tension. The only way to quit is to quit on the end result. If you have negative tension, you get pulled more towards negativity.


At every single moment, we get to choose what we focus on—the negative or the positive. Hold that tension and hope for your vision. A vast vision is scary for a lot of people. But it IS possible. Listen to the whole episode for an in-depth discussion on this powerful vision exercise.

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