All You Have To Do Is Tell Us

Are you planning an in-home Sip & Sample, a wellness social, or another guest event? Never hosted one, but think you should go for it? Now is the time!

We call this our Bring the Party promotion because when you join this promo, we’ll make sure your event is a rousing success!

From April 18-Sept. 15, 2019, when you register your upcoming at-home event at, we’ll send you some pretty cool FREE stuff to help make your event an amazing experience for you and your guests. (Did you catch the word “FREE” there?)


1. Register your guest-targeted gathering or event at Any gathering where guests are present, such as in-home Sip & Samples, Your Ideal Life socials, or Super Saturdays, is allowed.

2.After you register your event on, please email to receive your survey! Once you complete the survey, you will receive five free one-year membership codes on the finish screen of the survey. Within 5 business days of completing the survey, you will receive a $50 product coupon in your Associate Back Office.

  • Use that coupon to purchase product samples for use during your event (yum!).
  • Sign up new Members right away using the membership codes with an initial order of $149 US/$165 CAD or more, and invite them to bring guests to your event.

3. Does someone at your event want to host their own gathering? Help them register at They can get a FREE canister of shake, and you will too! (Within 5 days of completing the survey, each of you will receive a $50 product credit in your Back Office, which is more than enough to get a shake of your choice.)
EXAMPLE: If three of your attendees book events, that’s three canisters for you!

This promotion is available to Isagenix Independent Associates in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Limited quantities of product coupons and membership codes are available through this promotion. Promotion valid through Sept. 15, 2019, or while supplies last. Must be in good standing with Isagenix and active as defined in the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan to be eligible to receive any incentives from this promotion. Incentives received through this promotion, including non-monetary incentives, may be reported as taxable income. Only one product credit code can be applied per order. Membership codes can only be used by new Members with an initial order of at least $149 US/$165 CAD. Other terms and conditions may apply, and all codes from this promotion expire on Dec. 31 2019. Isagenix reserves the right to audit, adjust, or deny any compensation or incentives awarded through this promotion to ensure the spirit of the promotion is achieved. Isagenix reserves the right to modify, amend, or discontinue this promotion, or any part of it, at any time at its sole discretion.