CBD Peppermint Oil Blend Do’s and Don’ts

Looking for extra guidance on what to say about Isagenix CBD Peppermint Oil Blend? Be sure to check out the say this, not that examples below for tips on compliant claims when sharing the product. 

Do’s Don’ts
  • DO market the product for topical use.
  • DO use our approved claims. This product is for topical use for a restorativesoothing application.
  • DO discuss the consistent quality, sourcing, and testing for our CBD oil. Focus on the importance of finding a reputable company like Isagenix when purchasing CBD oil.
  • DO NOT market the product for ingestion. Although some people may choose to consume it, the regulatory environment does not allow the product to be marketed and sold for ingestion.
  • DO NOT market the product for use in connection with any disease or medical condition. This includes posts and testimonials on your private social media.
  • DO NOT recommend or market this product to minors or to women who are pregnant or nursing.