What are Virtual Events?

Our Virtual Events and Podcast calls are hosted by experts in the nutritional science field, top trainers and top income earners in Isagenix and customers who have experienced life changing results. Our desire is that these trainings will both INFORM and INSPIRE our members to tap into the greatness of their “why” and not only build a business that allows them the opportunity to reach their goals and achieve their dreams but live a healthy and nutritionally balanced life.

This Month in Canada

Tune in on the second Wednesday of every month to get the latest updates about Isagenix in Canada. You will hear from top leaders, celebrate the success of colleagues, and get all the latest information to help you grow your business in Canada. All calls are hosted at 2:00pm ET on IsagenixZoomCanada.com

March 30 – April 5, 2020

Business Training with
Gentile & Amanda Britt

Tuesday 3/31 | 2PM ET


Super Saturday with
CA Top Leaders

Thursday 4/4 | 11AM ET


Opportunity Meeting
with CA Top Leaders

Saturday 4/4 | 2PM ET


April 6 – 12, 2020

Business Training:
Strategies & Tools
to Max Your Business 

with Anna Earley

Monday 4/6 | 2PM ET


Opportunity Meeting:
Kathy Coover, Susan Sly
& Susan Miller

Tuesday 4/7 | 8PM ET


Formation d’affaires:
Comment Faire Pour
Que Vos Contacts Vous
Supplient En Savoir Plus

Thursday 4/9 | 2PM ET


Product Training:
Why Diets Fail &
the Isagenix Solution

with Taylor Malham

Thursday 4/9 | 7PM ET