One of the greatest benefits of the Network Marketing opportunity is the way it can facilitate and empower lifestyle design. If that’s a term you’re not familiar with, you’re in for a treat. This video conversation features successful businesswoman and lifestyle design coach, Lisa DeMayo. Her story is one of difficulty and hardship turned to joy and she shares some of the pivotal moments in her story during this conversation with David T.S. Wood.


Take a deep breath. Stop to intentionally open your heart and mind. If you come to this conversation in that posture, you’ll be inspired, challenged, and equipped to begin taking steps that help you design the life you want.


You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…


  • What it means to engage in lifestyle design
  • Developing personal adaptability [4:37]
  • Learning to use hardship to your advantage [11:01]
  • How to design your life as you want in every circumstance [16:20]
  • Making truthful statements that empower your life [24:01]
  • Lisa’s first steps to designing her life and changing what she didn’t want [30:34]
  • How to choose joy and deal with sadness and loss [36:56]
  • Finding a way to take extreme responsibility for your life [43:21]
  • Releasing the burden of shame and guilt [50:45]
  • Hearing Lisa’s challenge to you for moving your life forward [53:30]


People who choose to view hard things as opportunities will flourish


As Lisa says during this conversation, “None of us gets out of life alive.” We know how the story ends so if we are wise, we’ll take the time to figure out how to make the most of the time we have. Both Lisa and David have learned—through both joyous and extremely painful circumstances—that everything that comes into our lives is an opportunity to grow and ultimately flourish.


Lisa specifically points out that the hard times, though we typically want to avoid them or escape them as soon as possible, are some of the best opportunities for designing the life we want. They open a doorway to self-discovery, growth, and resilience like nothing else.


Learn to design your life in the midst of every circumstance


When we talk about lifestyle design what we’re addressing is the inner compulsion all of us have to live the kind of life we want to live. We want to have a sense of control, a sense of direction over the course of our own lives. The good news is that while we can’t control the circumstances that come into our lives, we can control the way we respond to them.


Did you get that? Our RESPONSE to the events of our lives is what has the greatest impact on the overall direction of our lives. What is the best response?


Lisa says a “can do” attitude that sees the difficulty as an opportunity is vital. Use the circumstances presented to you as tools to provide further insight into your own thinking, feeling, and default responses, and make intentional positive changes to what you find. Little by little you can chip away at old habits of thinking and feeling that have been unproductive and unhelpful. Keep listening… Lisa provides a challenging exercise you can implement immediately.


Lisa’s challenge: Take the first steps to free yourself from your limitations


Most of us know it, but don’t care to admit that we have emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, and bad habits that keep us stuck, generate consistent patterns of inner frustration, and push us to the brink. Lisa’s recommended exercise (shared near the end of the conversation) is aimed at helping you take the first steps out of that place.


STEP ONE: Take out a notebook or journal and begin brain-dumping all of your “emotional stuckness.” Don’t stop, keep writing, get it all out. It may take as much as a few hours but will be well worth the investment. As you do this, express every pain, every regret, every resentment, every lack of forgiveness, every bitterness that you feel. You need to get them out of your system and onto paper so you can see them and admit that they exist.


And don’t worry… you will burn this list or shred it to tiny bits once you’re done. Nobody else ever has to see it.


STEP TWO: After you’ve admitted what’s on the page (and have destroyed it as a symbol of leaving it all behind you), compose a letter to your younger self. Give yourself advice, based on what you’ve discovered in the previous exercise, about how to live a better life, how to deal with hurts and pains more effectively, and how to embrace attitudes that empower your life rather than inhibit it.


Lisa explains the exercise in detail, so be sure you take the time to invest in your own lifestyle design by watching the video of this great conversation!


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