If you want to reinvent yourself, figuring out where to start can be challenging. In this episode of My Extra Mile, David T. S. Wood talks with DelRae Messer about the journey she’s gone through to get where she is today. From a hard-working farm girl, to a track star, to a successful chiropractor, to a multi-million-dollar network marketing master, DelRae’s journey is an inspiration.


Do you want to reinvent yourself and figure out where to go next? Do you want to stop worrying about making enough money to pay your bills so you can live the kind of life you want? If so, then this episode is a must-hear!


You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…


  • Finding the value in hard work
  • Celebrating your first try and not minimizing your progress
  • Moving past failure to reinvent yourself
  • Being rewarded for your work ethic
  • Finding the right resources and mentors
  • The power of failure
  • Learning why you need to manage your money

The value of hard work


When it comes to figuring yourself out, it can be scary to rely on uncertainty. However, it’s in that space of not knowing that you’re able to make the most significant changes in your life! When you’ve truly accepted the value of hard work and put forth the effort to reach your goals, you CAN achieve them.


Self-discipline is challenging, and showing up to do things, whether or not you feel like it, can seem impossible. But when you take ownership of your future and start small, you can begin implementing consistent habits that work towards your goal. Every time you start something new, take the time to celebrate your first step. As your identity changes and you accept who you’re becoming, you will be well on your way to reaching your vision of success!


The power of mindset and mentorship


Whenever you start something new, a positive mindset can be hard to maintain when things get tough. But when you work at keeping yourself in tune with your goal, your focus will shift to the success of your dreams instead of the challenges you face. Taking steps to learn what you need to succeed is an essential piece to helping you unlock your potential. Education is a powerful component of your health and success. Working with mentors and reading books on the topics you care about can help you figure out where to go next.


The power that failure can have on your future is a unique, although sometimes painful, tool. As you transition into your future, these lessons will power your self-belief and allow you to focus on figuring out where to go next. These lessons will then give you a clear vision of what is or isn’t the right fit for you.

Reinvent yourself for success


What is your current situation? What things are holding you back and how can you learn from them to propel yourself forward? It’s important to remember that It’s not just about the success, it’s about the journey that gets you there and the lessons you learn along the way.


What does success look like to you? Do you want more financial independence with each paycheck? Do you wish you could give and contribute to the things that matter most to you?


Learning how to manage your money effectively can help you create financial freedom. Without proper money maintenance, you could work yourself right back into the same financial hole you’ve been trying to escape. Put in the work, gain the necessary knowledge, and make sure that you never lose sight of your end goal. Action and consistency can lead to your success and your success is definitely worth the investment of your time!

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