It can be easy to lose track of your goals and fall into a downward spiral of debt when you don’t believe in yourself. In this enlightening episode, David T. S. Wood and his guest, Janey Snelgrove, talk about the power of belief and how to create a vision of the life you want. Janey also shares a hands-on activity you can do with your family to unite your vision and your efforts, and help you reach your goals together. If you’re ready to change your life and rediscover your personal belief as a network marketer, this episode is a must-hear!

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  • Growing yourself to grow your potential
  • Creating a vision board to keep you focused on your goals
  • Discovering how to believe in yourself and your dreams
  • Identifying your limiting beliefs
  • Learning how to manage your income from day one

What is your vision for the future and how do you get there?


Janey is a believer in the power of a clear vision. Try out her vision board exercise with your family to create your own set of specific goals and dreams. Permit yourself time to dream about your wants and be specific about what would bring you the most joy in every area of your life.


  • What is important to you?
  • What do you want most? (Family time, relationship building, exotic trips, dream home, income goals, etc.)
  • What words can help you gain clarity as you set your goals?
  • What are your financial goals?
  • What are your health goals?


Once you’ve identified these goals clearly, place your vision board somewhere you will see it daily to keep you focused and motivated. Once you’ve started to reach some of those goals, or if your goals change (which they should!) create a new board or update the one you have to keep it relevant.

Learning how to believe in yourself and your business


Your journey and your upbringing influence your understanding of business and finances. What are your beliefs in money, and what is your knowledge of how to manage it? Do you believe that you have to work hard to earn money? Have you been told it’s the root of all evil?


These sabotaging thoughts can make you question your business decisions. Your upbringing has developed a default blueprint of your thoughts, feelings, and actions surrounding everything you do in your life. By identifying the unproductive parts of your blueprint, you can rewrite them to stay focused on the life you want.


How to manage your income from day one


When you have a job and a network marketing side hustle it can be tempting to overspend and end up in the same financial situation you’ve been working to escape. Revisit why you took on your side-hustle in the first place and create a clear vision of where you want your money to go. Once you see that path, do the work to make sure that you reach your end goal!


The myth about residual income is that you do the work once and then keep earning, even while you sleep. But in reality, you have to keep working to maintain your ideal income. Your side hustle is a real profession and should be treated with the same amount of effort you invested at the start. You have to keep working, building, and learning to keep it producing.


Janey’s final thoughts are that when you’re digging yourself into a financial hole, figure out what led you there and then choose to stop the bad habits. Stopping habits is just as important as starting them, so by making this change you will be back on track towards your goals!

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