Dec. 31, 2018-June 30, 2019

Earn a Trip to the Grand Cayman Islands!
Oct. 16-21, 2019

Imagine: Soft, sandy beaches in the Grand Cayman Islands. Taking a dip in the warm, tranquil ocean. A cool, gentle breeze blowing through your private beach cabana. Drifting to sleep when the masseuse comes for the couples massage you signed up for with your significant other. Later, you’re planning on parasailing over the turquoise waters of Seven Mile Beach because #VacayGoals, and you need some Instagram-worthy shots. As you reach for your drink, complete with a tiny umbrella, you can hardly believe this is your life!

Now, imagine this: You earning this trip for two at a five-star, Five Diamond luxury resort in the Grand Cayman Islands, courtesy of the Grand Adventure Challenge!

Got your attention yet? Good.

The million-dollar question: “How do I earn this awesome trip?” We promise we’ll get to that! But, first, what exactly is the Grand Adventure Challenge?

Grand Adventure Challenge

The Grand Adventure Challenge is a six-month promotion running from Dec. 31, 2018 through June 30, 2019, in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our goal is to reach and engage 1 million homes to become healthy by leading healthy lifestyles and using Isagenix products to support their goals.

It sounds like a lofty goal, but we can do this if we work together! You know that when you share Isagenix products with just one person, it can have a ripple effect on so many others because they can share it with their friends and family. This is how we’ll reach 1 million healthy homes together: one person, one family, one life changed at a time.

What’s Included in This Amazing Getaway?

All winners (along with a guest) will spend five nights and six days from Oct. 16-21, 2019, at an exclusive five-star, Five Diamond resort in the Grand Cayman Islands located on exquisite Seven Mile Beach. This first-ever lifestyle resort offers breathtaking views of the surf and sand. Among the highlights here are beautiful water vistas, secret sanctuaries, and the best seats in the house to soak in spectacular sunsets seeming to set the ocean on fire. You’ll also enjoy private dinners, exclusive excursions, and so much more on what’s going to be the trip of a lifetime, rich with so many priceless memories you’ll never want to leave!

How to Earn This Trip

The trip will be based on a point system and awarded to the top 150 point earning accounts in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico (125 Accounts from US/PR; 25 Accounts from CA). Who can earn points? All Managers and above who are willing to put in the time, hard work, and dedication to attracting new Customers and developing new Consultants. If you do this consistently for the next six months, you can be the one jet-setting to the spectacular Grand Cayman Islands!

The top 10 point earners
will receive the following:

  • A special invitation from the Coovers.
  • Business class airfare for two.
  • Round-trip airport ground transportation.
  • Upgraded hotel room.
  • Group dinners.
  • Group excursions.
  • $750 spending cash.

The next top 30 point earners
will receive the following:

  • A special invitation from the Coovers.
  • Economy class airfare for two.
  • Round-trip airport ground transportation.
  • Upgraded hotel room.
  • Group dinners.
  • Group excursions.
  • $750 spending cash.

The next 110 top point earners
will receive the following:

  • A special invitation from the Coovers.
  • $1,000 airfare credit.
  • Round-trip airport ground transportation.
  • Hotel room.
  • Group dinners.
  • Group excursions.
  • $750 spending cash.

How to Earn Points

Familiar with the Leader in Action formula? We’ll calculate this challenge similarly but with some key differences:

Leader in Action Formula
PCG x PE (max 5) x PERA x # of weeks active at Executive

Grand Adventure Challenge Formula
PCG x PE (max 10) x PERA x # of weeks active at Manager or above

Grand Adventure Challenge Formula Example
15 x 6 x 4 x 4 = 1,440 Points
(Further explained in sections below.)

Here’s how this all works:

(Points are calculated monthly.
January points will be available in the ABO on February 4th.)

Personal Cycle Growth = weekly number of Cycles – 13-week Cycle benchmark.

Your 13-week Cycle benchmark is calculated at the beginning of each month and is the average number of Cycles you earned in the 13 weeks prior.

Each week, Isagenix subtracts your 13-week Cycle benchmark from the number of Cycles you earned that week. Your PCG is calculated by totaling this number for each week during that month. If your PCG for the month is negative, you will be assigned a value of zero for your PCG.

Only Cycles generated by your position count toward this number. Cycle equivalents, such as Product Introduction Bonuses, and Cycles generated from other sources, such as the Executive Matching Team Bonus, do not count toward this number.

You’ll be allowed to count a maximum of up to 10 new Customers for every month (versus the max of five in LIA).

Each first-time rank advancement from your personally enrolled business builders earns you points based upon the NEW rank:
a. Consultant: 1 point.
b. Manager: 2 points.
c. Director: 3 points.
d. Executive: 4 points.
e. Executives who advance in stars: 4 points.
f. Silver Circle advancements:

  • Consultant Silver Circle advancements = 1 point
  • Manager Silver Circle advancements = 2 points
  • Director Silver Circle advancements = 3 points

g. Golden Circle advancements: 4 points.
(Add all the numbers up, and record the total number of points for all advancements.)

For example, if you began the month at Manager, this would be the number of weeks you maintained an active rank of Manager. (This is different from the LIA requirement, which is Executive or higher.)

NOTE: Weeks and months refer to commission weeks and commission months. Commission months are based on the Isagenix 4-4-5 commission calendar. A commission week is from 12 a.m. (ET) Monday to 11:59 p.m. (ET) the following Sunday night.

MONTH Start Date End Date # of weeks
JANUARY Dec. 31, 2018 Jan. 27, 2019 4
FEBRUARY Jan. 28, 2019 Feb. 24, 2019 4
MARCH Feb. 25, 2019 March 31, 2019 5
APRIL April 1, 2019 April 28, 2019 4
MAY April 29, 2019 May 26, 2019 4
JUNE May 27, 2019 June 30, 2019 5

Are you ready? Then let’s do this!

Grand Adventure Challenge FAQs

During the end of 2018, Jim, Kathy, and Erik Coover challenged Isagenix Independent Associates to share Isagenix with at least 15 new Customers with an initial order of at least 100 BV. Those who accomplished this between Sept. 18, 2018 and Dec. 31, 2018 earned 5,000 points for the Grand Adventure Challenge.

You need to earn a recognition rank of Executive by the week ending June 30, 2019 to win the trip.

No, if you achieved Executive in the past and are a top 150 point earner, you are qualified for the trip.

Points for new Customer enrollments are capped at 10 each month, and weeks at Manager or above are capped based on the number of weeks in that Commission Month.

This is most likely people who earned 5,000 points from the Coover Challenge. As the Grand Adventure Challenge progresses, the number of ties will likely reduce.

Yes, there are ample opportunities to earn points each month, and Isagenix may offer additional opportunities to earn bonus points during the promotion.

After the contest period ends, we will review all potential qualifiers to verify whether they meet the eligibility requirements for this promotion. We will announce the final qualifiers in mid-July.

The leaderboard will be updated six times during the promotion. New points will be added the Monday after the close of the reporting calendar month.

Sign in to your Back Office, and go to Reports > Business > Promotions.

How do I RSVP to attend the Grand Adventure Challenge?

On July 15, 2019, you will receive an email with a link to complete your RSVP for the trip. Please complete this survey by July 19, 2019, or your RSVP will not be recorded and you will be unable to attend the Grand Adventure Challenge.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes! Each qualifying business center is permitted to bring one guest. For each qualifying business center a total of 2 people are permitted to attend.

Can I bring my child as my guest?

Isagenix is a family company and we are aware that many Associates may want to bring their children with them to Isagenix events. We welcome children, but note that children aged 16 years and under must be accompanied by a person aged 18 or over, and proof of identity and age of the person aged 18 or over must be provided on request to gain admission to the event. As with all of our guests, we ask that you are considerate of the other attendee’s enjoyment of the event, and that you keep this in mind when you determine the suitability of the event for any children. Refunds will not be issued if any aspect of the event, including the behavior of other audience members, causes discomfort, or offense to you or any children in your party. Please note that some of our excursions for this event have an age limit. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

I want to bring my family and children. What is included if they attend?

Each qualifying business center is permitted to bring one guest. That guest can be a child. See “Can I bring my child as my guest?” FAQ for more details. As with all of our guests, we ask that you are considerate of the other attendee’s enjoyment of the event, and that you keep this in mind when you determine the suitability of the event for any children. Please note that some of our excursions for this event have an age limit. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Guests in addition to the one guest per qualifying business center will not be permitted to attend the event’s activities, excursions, receptions, etc. and will not receive event gifts such as SWAG.

When and how will we receive the $750 USD/CADspending cash?

Spending cash will be paid out via commissions on Monday, September 30, 2019.

I qualified as a Top 41-150 point earner, when and how will I receive my $1,000 USD/CAD travel cash?

Travel cash will be paid out via commissions on Monday, July 29, 2019.

I am unable to attend the event, will I still receive the spending cash?

  • Spending cash will only be given to those that physically attend the event.
  • If you originally RSVP’d that you would be attending the event, and later cancel or do not register on-site at the event, all payouts will be deducted from future commissions.

Important Notice: The airport on the island will be closed Monday, October 14th at 10 p.m. and will re-open Wednesday, October 16th at 6 a.m. Additionally, the airport on the island will be closed Monday, October 21st at 10 p.m. and will re-open Wednesday, October 23rd at 6 a.m

Isagenix is covering my hotel stay, what is included with this?

Isagenix is covering room, tax and resort fee for the dates of the event only with check in on October 16, 2019, and check out on October 21, 2019, (5 nights) for up to double occupancy. As is standard, the hotel requires a credit card on file to cover any additional nights, upgrades, or incidentals during your stay, which will be your responsibility.

  • The hotel resort fee includes:
    • Water sports toys including kayaks, standing paddle boards, water tricycle, floating rafts, and sail boat
    • Snorkeling gear from our water sports experts, Red Sail Sports
    • Daily fitness classes; beach yoga, Boxfit, paddle board yoga, and Beachfit
    • Daily morning coffee and tea service in hotel living room
    • Complimentary dining for children under 5 in main restaurant or beach restaurant
    • Valet Parking
    • Wi-Fi in guest rooms and public spaces for up to 4 devices per room
    • Pool and beach lounge chairs, on a first come, first serve basis
    • GoPro underwater cameras with built in WiFi (SD card sold separately at The Red Sail Shop. Pricing is: 25CI/$30 for 16GB and 45CI/$54 for 32GB

When and how will I receive my hotel confirmation?

You will receive your hotel confirmation the week of August 19, 2019. Communications will come from Isagenix.

  • You are more than welcome to extend your stay in The Grand Cayman. However, please note that you will be responsible for any additional nights as well as any difference in flight prices, if applicable. To extend your stay in The Grand Cayman, you will need to email the hotel directly at and provide your confirmation number.
  • If you extend your stay at the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, pending hotel availability, the Isagenix group rate may be available 3 days prior and 3 days post the event. Additional resort fee ($60 plus tax per day), occupancy tax (13% per room per day), and a porterage and housekeeping service charge (10% per room per day) will also apply.

How many people can one hotel room accommodate?

  • Hotel room for the Top 40 point earners rooms have a maximum occupancy of (4) people.
  • Hotel rooms for the Top 41-150 point earners have a maximum occupancy of (2) people for rooms with a single king size bed (includes sofa-sleeper), and (4) people for rooms with two queen size beds.
  • If your travel party’s needs exceed the maximum occupancy, you will need to reserve an additional room. You may request for the rooms to be adjoining or nearby when doing so. For additional information on room occupancies or to request additional rooms, please contact the hotel directly at When calling, refer to Isagenix to obtain the group rate. Any additional fees or costs associated with the additional room/s and requests are the responsibility of the attendee.

How can I request early check-in, late check-out, a roll-away bed or crib, a microwave in my room, or other special hotel accommodations?

  • For any special request, please contact the hotel directly at
  • Additional fees may be incurred for any special hotel accommodation or request. Additional cost will be your responsibility.
  • Note: The hotel’s standard check-in time is 4:00 p.m. and check-out time is 12:00 p.m.

I qualified as a Top 10 or a Top 11-40 point earner with airfare included. What is Isagenix covering? 

  • Top 10 point earners: Isagenix is covering roundtrip business class airfare for you and one guest.
  • Top 11-40 point earners: Isagenix is covering roundtrip economy class airfare for you and one guest.

Your flights will be covered for arrivals on October 16, 2019 and departures on October 21, 2019 and will be booked through our travel agency – Travel Leaders Corporate (TLC). TLC will reach out to you once you have completed the RSVP process. If you would like to upgrade your airfare or travel outside of these dates, you are responsible for any difference in pricing. For additional guests who may be traveling with you (outside of the one included guest) will not have their airfare covered by Isagenix. However, you can still coordinate and pay for their flights through our travel agency.

I qualified for Isagenix to provide my flights, but I already booked them. Can I get reimbursed?

Yes. Email a copy of your itinerary and receipt to by August 19, 2019 so that we can review and process your reimbursement. Isagenix will reimburse you for up to the standard cost of the airfare that you qualified for, and funds will process back to you via your commissions. Please allow us up to four weeks from August 19, 2019 for this process.

What travel documents do I need? 

  • All U.S. citizens travelling by air are required to present a passport valid for at least six months beyond the length of their stay in the Cayman Islands, but no separate visa is required.
  • Immigration and Customs Declaration forms are also required to be completed in-flight prior to arrival and presented during immigration.
  • Entry requirements differ depending on what country you are a resident and citizen of. Check to find out the necessary documentation you will need to insure a smooth entry into Grand Cayman.

I am a Top 41-150 point earner and do not receive my flights paid for by Isagenix. Is there a travel agency who can assist me in booking my flights? 

  • You are responsible for booking and paying for your own flight to and from Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM). The Owen Roberts International Airport is the closest airport to the resort, approximately 15 minutes away.
    • Arrival Date: October 16
    • Departure Date: October 21
  • We have partnered with Travel Leaders Corporate to offer you a convenient way to book your flights. If you would like assistance booking your flights, please contact Travel Leaders Corporate at 1.888.495.7770 or Hours of operation: 8:30am-5:30pm EST Monday-Friday. Service fees are $24 for domestic, and $28 for international, per person. Please note: you MUST book your flights through our travel agency to redeem your complimentary ground transportation to and from the airport in Grand Cayman.

Isagenix is providing ground transportation to and from the airport in the Grand Cayman. What does that include? 

  • Isagenix will provide airport ground transportation to and from the Owen Roberts International Airport and the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa for arrivals on October 16, 2019, and departures on October 21, 2019, only. If you are traveling outside of these dates, you are responsible for arranging your own transportation. For arrangements outside of our travel dates, we strongly recommend that you book your ground transportation in advance and have partnered with Equilibrium Events to offer you a convenient way to get from the Owen Roberts International Airport to the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa. Content Ethan Kapelmaster at
  • Taxis will be available at the airport, but most do not accept credits cards nor have air conditioning. It is custom for them to charge per person and per luggage.
  • See the Owen Roberts International Airport’s Transportation page for additional information, including rental vehicles and chauffeur services.
  • If you are renting a vehicle, parking is included in the hotel reservation. Isagenix will not cover any additional parking fees.
  • To redeem your complimentary ground transportation, you must also book your flights through our travel agency – Travel Leaders Corporate.

When do I get to select my excursion?

  • You will be able to select your excursion when you complete the RSVP.


Can I change my excursion after I submit my RSVP?

  • We are not able to make changes to excursions once we receive your RSVP. Additionally, we are unable to change them on-site

Will my children be able to go on the excursion?

  • Unfortunately, children are unable to attend the Isagenix-arranged excursions.

How do I connect with fellow Grand Adventure Challenge qualifiers?

  • All Grand Adventure Challenge qualifiers will be added to our private Facebook group shortly after the qualification period ends. Use this group to connect with your fellow Grand Adventure Challenge qualifiers, share photos of your experience in Grand Cayman, and get excited for the trip of a lifetime!


I’m not sure what to pack. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Sun protection, such as sunscreen and hats.
  • Casual attire, such as sundresses, polos, shorts and/or t-shirts, is appropriate at most restaurants. Long pants with long-sleeved collared shirts and ties are usually appropriate for formal business meetings. On cooler evenings, a light sweater may be required. Swimwear should only be worn on the beach, at the hotel pool, or at beach bars.
  • The Cayman Islands enjoy average daily temperatures ranging from 77°F to 85°F [25°C to 29.4°C].
  • Be sure to check weather conditions leading up to the event so you can pack accordingly.
  • Please bring your own favored Isagenix products to enjoy during the event.

Where can I get more information about what to do in my free time in the Grand Cayman?

Is there anything else I should know or do? 

  • Because you will be traveling internationally, we recommend that you contact your cellphone carrier and bank prior to arriving in the Grand Cayman. This will help prevent challenges with services after your arrival.
  • Tap water in the Cayman Islands is desalinated and safe to drink.
  • The Cayman Islands use the U.S. standard of 120V / 60Hz. Outlets are of the three-prong, grounded style typically found throughout North America. Converters or adapters are not required for most electronics purchased in North America.
  • Most stores, including grocery stores and most [although not all] pharmacies, are closed on Sundays.
  • We know some of you like to congratulate your teammates with gifts at our events. If you have questions on what you can/can’t bring to Grand Cayman, see the Cayman Islands Customs and Imports websites for more information.

Can I deduct the cost of the trip as a business expense?

  • Please consult the help of a tax advisor.

What is the currency in the Grand Cayman? Is USD and CAD accepted? Are gratuities accepted?

  • The official currency of the Cayman Islands is the Cayman Islands Dollar [CI$ or KYD]. The exchange rate is fixed at CI$1.00 to US$1.25, or US$1.00 to CI$0.80. Every retailer readily accepts the U.S. Dollar, although change may be given in the local currency. Major credit cards are also accepted and are typically charged directly in U.S. dollars.
  • CAD is not accepted.
  • Tipping is expected in Cayman. Most bars and restaurants automatically add a 15% to 18% service charge.

What can I do to ensure my safety while travelling and attending an Isagenix event?

  • In general, you should always be aware of your surroundings when travelling abroad as you are ultimately responsible for your personal safety. When you are in a foreign country or a place you’ve never visited before it’s important to use precautions while on outings and exploring, especially while on your own. Here are some top safety tips you can use while travelling and attending Isagenix events.

Terms and Conditions

The ability to earn income under the Isagenix Compensation Plan depends on many factors including an individual Associate’s business, social, and sales skills; personal ambition and activity; availability of time and financial resources; and access to a large network of family, friends, and business contacts. Isagenix cannot and does not guarantee any particular level of earnings. Even Associates who dedicate a significant amount of time, effort, and personal funds may not achieve a meaningful level of success. For average earnings, refer to

The Grand Adventure Challenge is open to all Associates in the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada. Isagenix reserves the right to audit, adjust, or deny any volume, compensation, recognition, or other incentives awarded during or as a result of this promotion to ensure the spirit of the promotion is achieved. Months are based on the Isagenix 4-4-5 commission calendar. Qualifications are subject to change by Isagenix at any time without prior notice. The value of nonmonetary awards such as accommodations and tickets may be reported as taxable income. Consult with your tax professional to ensure income is properly awarded. Unless otherwise stated, awards are nontransferable and will not have a cash equivalent. You must maintain active Isagenix Independent Associate status and be in good standing as of Oct. 16, 2019, to receive the incentives from the Grand Adventure Challenge. For full terms and conditions, see Official Rules