What to Say…

When sharing Isagenix, it’s always best to start someone with a system that meets their needs. Isagenix has so many different options tailored to meet new product users where they are. Their perfect pack could be a Weight Loss Basic Pack, Weight Loss Value Pack, or Healthy Lifestyle Pack. Leveraging new product launches like Mango Mimosa Flavor BĒA™ Sparkling Energy Drink, Nature Oat Bakes™, or AMPED™ Nitro sticks is a great way to boost their pack for improved results.

Step 1:

  • Download the Isagenix Business app in the App Store or on Google Play, and start sharing tools and resources with potential Customers. The best part of using the app? You can easily text a collection of tools to someone and get live updates when they open your message!
    • What to say: I recently partnered with a health and wellness company that is transforming people’s lives. I’m not sure if it’s something you’d be interested in, but if I send you some information on our products and system, would you take a look?

Step 2:

  • Check out IsagenixBusiness.com/Calls, and invite potential Customers to an opportunity call.
    • What to say: Hey, are you busy <date and time>? (Let them answer.) If I send you a link, would you join me on a health and wellness overview call? (Insert info about the speakers on the call and what to expect.)

Step 3:

  • Share the Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle with potential Customers. Once they land on the page, they can easily purchase from your website!