How To Share New Products

A new product launch is a great opportunity to connect with Customers and prospects and reengage with inactive Members. Here are some tips on how to authentically inform and educate them on our newest productsCBD Peppermint Oil Blend and Collagen Bone Broth. 

Sharing Pointers

  • Make new Customers feel confident in their purchase knowing they get the best quality with Isagenix. For example, this would be a great way to strike up a conversation through a text message: “I’m sure you’ve heard of CBD. Now you can finally get it from a company you trust.” 
  • Don’t feel like you have to be the product expert  share a tool! Your IsaTools app will have videos, product information sheets, and the toolkit, which are packed with great content for you to share with your team about new products. You can also find helpful resources at  
  • Pair the new products with ones Customers already use. For example, if they are an avid cleanser and frequently purchase Cleanse for Life®, you can share how Collagen Bone Broth is Cleanse Day approved. Or if your Member is very into our Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil line, they may want to add CBD Peppermint Oil Blend to their routine.  
  • Allow prospective Customers to sample the product, whether it’s in a one-on-one setting or at your next event. It can be daunting to purchase a product if they haven’t tried it yet, so this gives them a chance to fall in love before they buy!