Isagenix Digital Transformation

Throughout 2021, Isagenix will drastically improve your customer experience as part of our focus on being a wellness brand in a thriving digital age. In fact, you may have already noticed small changes, with our next large release occurring on Jan. 18, 2021.

Updated Features

What exactly will be launched on Jan. 18?

New categories on and replicated sites (U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico)

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Updated product detail page designs (global)

Featuring new design and layout!

Sample Product Detail Page.

New product detail page features (U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico)

Featuring new language, designs, related products, reviews, and more!

Sample Product Details Page

How to Leave a Review

New Penny app features!

Recommended Cart Sharing will launch 1/18, rolling out to select users first and everyone will have access to the feature by 1/21. Team Care functionality will follow shortly after.

Recommended Carts Example

A brand-new look and feel for (U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico)

Enhanced shopping and navigational flows (global)

Improved enrollment flows will enhance the shopping experience for all markets.

Aesthetic and layout changes will enable a more visually appealing and modern shopping experience aligned with the new Isagenix brand — emotional, pleasing, and graceful.

Product navigation will allow users to move through the site and product information more easily, understand benefits, and accelerate purchases (U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico only).

Redesigned product description page layouts will display product ratings and reviews (U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico only) as well as featured products, which will simplify a user’s entire shopping experience.

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