If you’re feeling unfocused or overwhelmed with your schedule it can be hard to focus on time management strategies. In this enlightening episode of My Extra Mile, David T. S. Wood interviews serial-investor, multi-millionaire, and wonder-mom, Susan Sly. If you’re interested in learning how to master your schedule, effectively structure your week, and find time for what matters most to you, this episode is a must-hear!


You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…


  • Learning how to master time management
  • Identifying your primary need and focusing on it
  • Actively structuring your day and week
  • A challenge to help you identify your goals
  • Taking time for yourself so you can be your best self
  • A day in the life of a successful businesswoman
  • Pushing yourself forward to become who you want to be
  • Learning how to set boundaries
  • Deciding to move forward towards your goals


How time management strategies can change your life


You have the same amount of time in your day as the people you admire. All the obstacles you face may seem overwhelming, but there is always a way out.


First, identify what your primary needs are in life, and focus on achieving that one goal. Whether it’s money, health, or family time, take the steps you need to accomplish crucial things in your situation. Then, actively structure your day and week to work for YOU by making a schedule that helps you meet your goals.


If you feel scattered, determine how much value your time is worth and then figure out where your time is currently going. For example, write down everything you do for a month to see where your time is going and where you can restructure your days to make the most of your time.


Using a schedule to get more of what you want


Susan suggests always making your schedule the night before so you can know what to expect each day. Being strict with your schedule will help you reach your goals so you can actively make time for yourself, your family, and your business goals. She suggests taking 45 minutes daily to your income-producing activities and staying focused on what you’re going TO, not what you’re going to THROUGH at any given time.


A common mistake people make is resisting change and being too comfortable being uncomfortable. But, if you want to reach your goals, you have to become someone you’ve never been. Going backward in life should scare you enough to push you forward. Figure out what you need to say “no” to every day so that you can say “yes” to the things that matter.


Setting boundaries and taking care of yourself first


What boundaries do you need to set to keep yourself focused on the things that matter most? For example:

  • Not working on Sundays
  • Powering down electronic devices at a set time
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Canceling things when necessary


What have you done in the last 24-hours that moved you towards your goals and dreams? If you’re feeling unmotivated, start with:

  1. Getting a book or study materials to keep you focused
  2. Writing out 100 goals
  3. Doing something every day to work towards your goals


Taking care of yourself first will allow you to be there for everyone and everything else. Make sure your actions align with what you want most. Ten years from now, what will your legacy be? What will you wish you spent more time doing? You have to CHOOSE to move forward towards your goals to create the type of future you want.

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