Achieving network marketing success isn’t easy. Top earners in this industry have done so through countless hours studying, thousands of calls, and lots of hard work. In this second-deep dive into practical business strategies, David T. S. Wood and his guest Emily Vavra, share their secrets to success and everything they’ve discovered along the way.

Anyone can be a successful network marketer. Take the time to build your contact list, talk to people regularly, and share your vision. There is no better time to build on your skills or start assembling your team than NOW. Read on for these advanced tips to help you reach your goals and see the drastic difference they can make in your life and business.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Learning how to help someone get started in network marketing
  • Using events to increase retention and build unity within your team
  • Stopping the fear of your current situation so it doesn’t hold you back
  • Figuring out how to change your circumstances so you can focus on your vision
  • Speaking your goals into existence
  • Learning how to use social media to grow your business

Step one: Getting a new person started

When it comes to determining how to start your working relationship with a new person, you should begin by asking questions to figure out what goals you can help them achieve. Once you’ve gotten to know their motivations and needs, you can figure out where they will fit in your business, either as a customer or as a part of your team. By introducing a checklist early on, you can have a clear and thorough understanding of what they are hoping to gain by using the products or joining your business.

A handy checklist to use with new people who have shown interest is:

  1. Invite them to attend a meeting or watch a video
  2. Schedule a follow-up call or meeting
  3. Have them fill out the new associate interview
  4. Talk with them to find out what they need
  5. Review the interview and take note of their goals and apprehensions
  6. Welcome them to your group publicly and introduce them to your team

Each time you touch base with that new person, recommend resources that they can review that may help them overcome their apprehensions. Also, keep the door open to everything else you have to offer while supporting them where THEY want to be.

Step two: Encouraging event attendance

Events in network marketing are EVERYTHING! They ignite excitement in each person who attends and gives them valuable tools to progress them through the business. It opens up more opportunities for finding inspiration and relatable success stories that can help them overcome obstacles. Whether it’s a major, companywide event or a personal get together with your team, be consistent with YOUR participation and encouragement. If you do your part to get people to attend and you offer options consistently, they will most likely start to show up for you over time.

Don’t let your current situation hold you back from growing your business. Everyone starts somewhere so find ways to move past those fears and focus on your vision and where you WANT to be. With the right mentality and work ethic your situation is going to change, so focus on that instead!

Step eight: How to promote a vision of network marketing success

Do you have a clear vision of where you want to go with your company? Ask yourself these questions to find and cast your perfect vision:

  1. What do you see happening in the future?
  2. How long are you committed to pursuing this vision?
  3. What are the specific steps in your plan?
  4. Why do you want this person to be part of your vision?
  5. How do your goals align and how can you help each other!

Learning how to shift your vision and unite your goals is a crucial step to keep you moving forward when things get tough. Success doesn’t come easily or quickly but having a clear vision will give you direction and focus. Additionally, as you achieve your goals your vision will become your testimony.

Take a few minutes, right now, to rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 in the following areas:

  1. What is your belief in the products?
  2. What is your belief in the compensation plan?
  3. What’s your belief in network marketing?
  4. What’s your belief in Isagenix, specifically?
  5. What is your belief in yourself?
  6. Do you believe that you can become a successful network marketer?

Rate yourself honestly and as you cast your vision, work to get yourself to a 10 in every area. Focus on any areas with a low score to make sure you completely understand them. Once it’s clear to other people that YOU believe in these areas, then THEY will start to believe too!

Step nine: How to utilize social media effectively

Social media is a free tool so if you aren’t using it, start now! Emily cautions you not to spam your current friends and connections with your network marketing pitches or promotional posts. What you SHOULD do is showcase who you are and what you represent. The people you meet along the way will want to be able to look you up and see if your values align with theirs. Pick 3-5 things that you are passionate about and focus on posting about those things regularly.

Emily’s top ten tips for effective social media usage are:

  1. Be yourself and speak from the heart
  2. Don’t force things or make everything you post a sales pitch
  3. Try to post things that are helpful or inspiring
  4. Post consistent content people can rely on
  5. Be a content creator, not just a consumer
  6. Share your routine and what products you use daily
  7. Post regularly and consistently
  8. Check-in with yourself regularly to see how your social media usage is influencing your mood
  9. Take a break from social media when you need to and don’t feel guilty about it!
  10. Consider pre-recording posts so you have content to share when you don’t want to be active

Utilize the tools around you and figure out what would work best for your situation. There is plenty of business out there, so put in the work to get it!

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