Emily Vavra’s key to unlocking network marketing success is focusing on helping people rather than making a sale. She walks through her life, looking for the next great connection to see how she can help THEM achieve greatness. Learning how to love people and taking the time to understand their motivations and struggles can help you determine when to take action and when to be a friend.

People don’t want to enter into a conversation if they think you’re only interested in getting them to buy something. Many new network marketers quickly burn themselves out because they focus on selling the products, meeting their financial goals, and rattling off data and statistics to an already apprehensive audience. In this video conversation, Emily and her host, David T. S. Wood, discuss fundamental skills you can start practicing immediately to revive or jumpstart your business! Plus, Emily shares an excellent business starting exercise you can do from anywhere!

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Helping people grow and succeed in life and business
  • Finding new people to add to your list of contacts
  • Discovering how to invite people, so they want to say, “Yes!”
  • Presenting information about your business in an exciting and successful way
  • Learning when and how many times to follow-up
  • Knowing when to act to close a sale

Skill one: Finding people to add to your contact list

How many people are on your contact list? Do you HAVE a contact list? One of the first challenges Emily got from her mentor was to sit down for two-minutes and make a list of everyone that she could contact to share her business. She suggests starting with the first five people you would be most comfortable talking to about the company so you can gain experience.

Be conscious of the people you interact with everyday who could be a great addition to your team, or who could benefit from what your business has to offer. However, these are people that you will spend a lot of time with so be conscious of that fact when you invite them to your team.

Exercise: Take two minutes to start your list now! Write down anyone you know who you think could benefit from your services or products. Keep your list updated, so you always have new people to contact.

Skill two: Inviting people to listen and learn

There are two great ways to invite people to consider your business:

  1. The Direct Ask: You can make it clear that you know you’re being direct by saying, “I know this is forward, but…,” or “Have you considered…?” It’s essential to state WHY you want to ask them so urgently.
  2. The Gentle Ask: The “If I… would you…” statement allows you to share information to get their opinion. “I thought of you because…” statements focus on the specific reasons they stood out to you.

When you’re inviting, embrace the “no.” Most people won’t be interested until they’re ready, so don’t let the fear of “no” stop you from inviting them again when the time is right.

Skill three: Presenting information

When you present information about different products and services work to make the information personal and unique. Ask them questions to learn what they may want or need but give them plenty of time to talk and open up on their terms. Use the products available, so you have a testimony to share when the time comes.

To do:

  • Be authentic
  • Keep the meetings brief (30-minutes or less)
  • Make sure someone can duplicate your meeting (Use the tools provided)

Skill four: Follow-up calls

Find creative ways to stay in touch with the person so they don’t forget about you, but don’t mention your business every time. If you aren’t pushy and you maintain a friendship, you may be surprised when a “No,” turns into a “Not now,” and eventually a, “Yes!”

Your information won’t be important to people UNTIL it’s important to them! Don’t take it personally; stay positive and supportive of that person indefinitely.

Skill five: Closing a sale for Network Marketing Success

People want you to help them better their lives but they all come to the table with different goals and apprehensions. Make sure they have enough information to make a decision, reassure them of a money-back guarantee, and offer them the BEST option available. If you ASK for the sale, you might get it!

Practice makes perfect. Rehearse your pitch anytime you have the chance and get comfortable with “No.” Find a language that is comfortable for you and be true to your authentic self. Your story is unique to you so don’t be afraid to create YOUR path to success!

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