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IsaKids Super Smoothie

Sample Post: Snacks and treats – they’re all the same, right? The truth is, while both are okay, they each serve a different purpose in your kiddo’s diet.

👉🏻 A treat, on the other hand, is something that should be consumed occasionally. It provides enjoyment, but lacks nutrients and might only satisfy hunger temporarily.

I’m so relieved to say that I finally found a snack that delivers convenience and taste, without compromising on nutrition! It’s like a snack with the enjoyment of a treat – my kiddo gets the best of both worlds! Want in on my solution? Let’s talk!

IsaKids Super Smoothie

Sample Post: 🗣 Fruit snacks are not all that good for your kids!

I don’t know who needs to hear it, but it’s the truth. Providing your kiddos with proper nutrition is so important when it comes to supporting their growth and development. And the cold, hard truth is: Fruit snacks don’t get the job done.

But, not all hope is lost! Isagenix has a brand new IsaKids Super Smoothie and I’ve got two words for it: Game. Changer. Fruit snacks are a distant memory for my kiddos as they’re sipping on these delicious and nutritious smoothies.

Ready to try out it? Let’s talk!

Organic Greens

Sample Post: Raise your hand if you get a little confused in the produce section of the grocery store. ✋ If we’re being honest, how could you not? With so many veggie options to choose from, coming away with the perfect selection is a tall task.

Lately though, I’ve been able to avoid that confusion. That’s because I got my hands on Organic Greens! With a refreshing cucumber mint flavor, it’s a delicious, convenient way to get my green veggies and superfood nutrition every day.

So, go ahead, shoot me a message.

Organic Greens

Sample Post: Picture this: An organic superfood that provides two full servings of vegetables, yet fits in a glass in the palm of your hand. Too good to be true? Think again. 😱

Just one scoop of Isagenix’s new and improved Organic Greens delivers two full servings of organic vegetables. It’s such an easy and effective way to add phytonutrients from organic superfoods to my diet! I simply add it to my IsaLean Shake, favorite recipe, or even a glass of water if I’m in a hurry. The refreshing cucumber mint flavor leaves my taste buds begging for more!

Getting your veggies is easier than ever – even when life gets in the way. Message me to get in on my new secret weapon!

Organic Greens

Sample Post: Look, if your other friends won’t say it, I will: You need to pay more attention to how many servings of veggies you’re getting on a daily basis. 🧐

I know what you’re thinking: “Well, I take vitamins, so I’m good, right?” The truth is, plants contain precious phytonutrients that aren’t typically found in supplemental vitamins and minerals. That means your daily vitamin regimen isn’t always enough.

Worry not! I’ve got a quick-and-easy (not to mention, tasty) way to get your daily veggie intake to where it should be. After all, that’s what friends are for.

Organic Greens

Sample Post: ✌️ = ☝️? Throw your math book out the window, we’ve got a game-changer on our hands!

Look, it’s more than likely you aren’t getting the veggies your body needs on a regular basis. We should all eat five servings of vegetables every single day, but most of us don’t even get half that amount. In fact, the average adult only consumes 1.6 servings per day. The solution? Convenience!

The new Organic Greens features TWO servings of vegetables in just ONE scoop. That’s nearly half the recommended daily intake! Don’t get green with envy – I’m ready to share this solution with the world! Shoot me a message to chat.

Organic Greens

Sample Post: It seems like with each day, more and more green smoothies and juices hit the market. Don’t be fooled. 🤔 These often lack nutrients like fiber, have little real vegetable content, and are instead overly sweetened and high in calories.

My solution? Organic Greens, of course! It includes 2 servings of veggies per scoop, featuring precious phytonutrients from organic kale, spinach, turmeric, chlorella, spirulina, and so much more. Oh, and did I mention, it’s:

✅ USDA-certified organic and non-GMO.

✅ Plant-based and suitable for vegan diets.

Perfect for the whole family including kids ages 4+.

Get To Know Joshua Plant

Earlier this summer, Joshua Plant, Ph.D., joined Isagenix as the […]

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