When it comes to network marketing, it can be challenging to know when to trust your gut and make a commitment to an unknown path. Kyle Nekrash is no stranger to the thrill of needing to make a quick decision and often follows his gut not only in business but through every adventure he takes. In this video conversation, Kyle and David T. S. Wood discuss the “you’re kidding me” moments that have defined their journeys and taught them valuable lessons throughout their lives.


Kyle’s story is full of passion, hard work, and lessons learned. He has discovered that by using his head, heart, and gut, he can navigate each phase of his life confidently and faces all challenges with a “just do it” attitude. If someone has done it before him or if there is a lesson to learn to teach others, he will face it head-on.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Finding the courage to take a risk
  • Pinpointing the “You’re kidding me” moments in your life, and how they’ve influenced you
  • Learning how to develop trust and confidence in others
  • Navigating your inner elevator to decide when to trust your head, heart, or gut
  • Defining which opportunity works best for your circumstances
  • Getting back to a heart of gratitude and making meaningful connections with people

What is a “You’re kidding me” moment and how does it influence your actions?


Have you ever experienced a scary, embarrassing, frustrating, exciting, or challenging moment in your life that left you exclaiming, “You’re kidding me!” Kyle defines these moments as opportunities to learn more about yourself. They can have a lasting effect on your development and can make significant changes to your personality. The moment you decide to do that scary thing or shift your actions to adjust after an embarrassing moment, you start developing characteristics that can help you face anything confidently.


That moment of fear leading up to a new experience and the happiness you experience afterward can help build your confidence to take the next risk. Kyle and David encourage you to keep getting back up every time you fall because this proof of your resilience can help inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

When to trust your gut in the decision-making process


Kyle uses an elevator to illustrate our internal decision-making process:

  • In the head, you can be easily influenced, persuaded, or swayed based on facts. While this is a valuable tool, it can lead to decisions you may not agree with.
  • Your heart syncs with your emotion. Your head and heart don’t always agree, so it can be misleading to use your heart as a guide.
  • But your gut rarely makes a mistake. Stemming from your instincts, which develop over time, your gut is usually the best guide for difficult decisions.


When you’re embarking on a new journey in life or starting a new business venture, your brain may try to stop you from taking action by reminding you of all the financial or emotional consequences that may follow. In your heart, you may feel the pull to do it for the chance to succeed, but your head may be clashing with that desire. Ultimately, your gut is what leads you to decide when it’s time to take action.

How to practice a heart of gratitude


In times of struggle, it can be easy to lose track of the importance of connecting with others and sharing your experiences. You never know the impact your story could have on inspiring others, so follow your gut and learn when it’s the right time to share your story. If someone influences you and helps you along the way, take the time to practice gratitude regularly and, when possible, share your appreciation face to face.


There’s no right or wrong way to approach a new opportunity. Find a way to make it work for you and trust your gut to know when to take action. Whatever decisions you have in front of you will provide an opportunity for you to learn (whether positive or negative) and can help guide you to the next right thing. Be open to all offers in front of you and trust your gut to know when to take action!

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