When you hear the term “working couples,” what comes to mind? Is it two people who work in different careers? Do you think of a couple who own a business together? Maybe you think of two people working side-by-side in an office with a common goal? In this episode of My Extra Mile, David T. S. Wood’s guests, married couple Kyle and Megan Nekrash, have worked together for many years and are familiar with the struggles you may be facing. In this episode, they share their insights into working with your spouse, sharing your vision with a partner who doesn’t get it, and overcoming obstacles together!


You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…


  • Figuring out how to get your spouse to see your vision
  • A realistic timeline to success and the work it takes to get there
  • The truth about residual income
  • Tips to help you work together successfully
  • Making time for yourself and your partner
  • A working couple’s tips for success


How to help your partner see your vision


Do you feel like your partner just isn’t getting it? You see a vision of what this business can do for your lives, but your spouse doesn’t see the big picture. Kyle went through the same thing when he was just getting started. After years of saying “no,” he went to an event where everything finally clicked. But not for his wife, Megan!


To help her see the big picture, he did the work to show her the impact it could have on their lives. He’s a big believer in “show, don’t tell,” and did his best to show Megan how drastically different their lives could be with network marketing. By proving to her that it was worth his time, she eventually had her “Aha” moment, where everything finally clicked. Megan’s tips for other non-believing spouses are to have patience with your partner, do your best to understand everything, and gain some knowledge so you can see how your dreams change too.


A realistic success timeline and the truth about residual income


It took Kyle and Megan 5 years to go from non-believers to cumulative million-dollar earners in network marketing. But, it’s important to remember that every success story is a little different because every couple and individual has different skills they are bringing to the table. Through hard work and sacrifice, they were able to build a life they love with enough time to do things they enjoy.


With residual income, you’re ALWAYS going to have to work to maintain your income. There is a myth in network marketing: once you get the customers and build the team, you can sit back and earn without doing any more work. But in reality, your income will always fluctuate. Just like your life changes frequently, your clients and team members will go through changes too. If you don’t put in the work to support and listen to them when they struggle, you may lose their business for good.


A working couple’s tips for success


All relationships are challenging at times, but when you add a business to the equation, things can get complicated. Kyle and Megan have been there and want to share their tips to help you work together successfully:


  • Find the best way to communicate with your partner and try to stick to that method
  • Schedule time together to talk about your lives
  • Don’t give up on each other
  • If you disagree and feel the argument escalating, take some time to cool down before continuing
  • Regularly review your short, mid, and long term goals together to stay aligned
  • Acknowledge each other’s efforts and be appreciative
  • Try not to compare yourselves to each other or set expectations
  • Tell your kids what you’re doing so they get where your time is going and why
  • Create a vision board to remind yourself and your family why you’re doing this
  • Create daily practices or rituals for yourself and as a couple
  • Go on dates


The journey will be long and success won’t happen overnight. Developing your business will take time but when you hold on to each other and respect each other’s roles in the partnership it will be easier to focus on your goals. Stay aligned and find a new way to find joy every day!

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