Personal integrity is a powerful character trait that successful people embody. It’s an integral part of who you are. If you lack integrity, it is inherently apparent in everything you do. Conversely, those people who live lives full of integrity emanate positivity. In this episode of My Extra Mile, David T. S. Wood talks with Bruce Buffer about the importance of personal integrity and how it’s the foundation for everything you do. They also talk about what motivates Bruce in the ring and he shares a moving call to action for future generations.

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  • The importance of personal integrity, transparency, and authenticity
  • Be the best you can be—and the money will follow
  • What is it like sitting ringside and announcing big fights?
  • A discussion of the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling
  • The role kindness plays in Bruce’s business partnership with Kristen
  • An inspiring message to future generations

Embrace personal integrity in everything you do


Bruce emphasizes that personal integrity is everything. He NEVER lies (unless he’s playing poker with you and trying to get your chips—then it’s acceptable). He points out that one of the worst things you can do is go through life trying to remember the lies you’ve told. It’s toxic. He implores you to always be honest and truthful—or don’t say anything. If someone lies to him in business, he’s out. The relationship is over because he can no longer trust you.


When people see someone, who lives a life of integrity and they see you’re a person of quality and substance, they will follow you. If you are a businessperson, you need people to respect you and follow you. That means you need to exemplify personal integrity. But how do you cultivate that? What if you weren’t naturally raised in strong values?

Invest in yourself + invest in others


Bruce shares that you have to be happy with yourself as a human being to project happiness and success to the people around you. You need to love yourself before you can love others. If you believe in yourself, then you can project positivity and integrity. So, you must invest in your development as a person.


You must also invest in and give to others. Bruce embraces what he likes to call the “Three-foot theory”: When the people you work with and spend time around are healthy, happy, and profitable—it will come back to you. You will absorb and receive the same for yourself.


It’s one of the key reasons why he and his business partner, Kristen, invest time in doing recordings for all sorts of events. Because everyone is special and needs to be treated as such. They charge very little and most of the proceeds go to charity. They believe in doing good for people and paying it forward. The thank-you notes they receive will bring tears to their eyes.


They just did a video for a man’s wife who has cancer. He wrote them back saying it was the first time in months that she lit up. It’s worth every effort they give—and its what life is all about.

What makes announcing UFC fights so fulfilling


Bruce is quick to say that he’s a fan first, and an announcer second. He has a hard time putting into words the feeling that goes through him when he steps into the ring. 50,000+ eyes in the arena are on him plus the millions watching. He’s having a blast and doing what he loves.


He’s enhancing the moment to take fighters and fans to a higher level.


It takes every bit of lung power and passion that he can put into it. He knows what it’s like to stand across from someone that wants to take his head off. He strives to give them everything in that moment that he would want for himself. He announces them the way he would want to be announced—like he’s the one about to put his blood, sweat, and tears on the line. They allow him to enter their space and it’s a really cool moment.

Future generations can make their mark


Bruce points out that everything about 2020 has emphasized the necessity for the ability to adapt. He emphasizes that this is the chance to mark yourself as one of the greatest generations ever. Take the time to be strong mentally and physically to perform better than you’ve ever performed before. Take this as an opportunity to be the best you can be.


Set your goals, write them down, and pursue your passions to fulfill your life. The future IS golden if you look at it as such. Above all, exemplify personal integrity in all things. Concentrate on being the best you can be for yourself—then be that for everyone else.

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