When it comes to millionaire success habits, it’s helpful to dive deep into their daily mindset. What motivates them to earn more money? What is their vision and how clear is their end goal? What are their beliefs about money, and how are they different from yours? In this Bonus episode of My Extra Mile, David T. S. Wood talks with multi-millionaire couple, Jennifer Shultz and Jono Patch, about how they’ve found success and the mindset that got them there.


Do you want to confidently look back at your journey so far and learn from any mistakes you’ve made? Do you want to let go of your negative thoughts about money and the guilt of earning more than you need? If you’re ready to change your money mindset and implement some millionaire success habits, this episode is a must-hear!


You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…


  • Moving past negative thoughts about money
  • Identifying your motivation for pursuing your career path
  • Defining your idea of the perfect amount of money
  • Learning what the big earners in your community know that you don’t
  • Clarifying your beliefs about money
  • The value of time and learning how to get your ducks in a row
  • The legal and ethical side effects of investing
  • Creating the lifestyle of your dreams
  • Life lessons surrounding your career
  • Figuring out what you don’t know and how to learn more


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